Beam position monitor E-linac RadiaBeam solenoid The field map comes from bench measurement at 5A on one (SN0002) of three identical solenoids + extended to the point that the field is only 0.1 % of the peak field. For more details see: E-linac type-A steerer E-linac type-A steerer Center of the magnet (along the ideal circular trajectory) call fit(1,1,1,0.,1.,1) call fit(1,3,3,0.,1.,1) Beam position monitor ELBD:DEFL:AMP ELBD:DEFL:PHASE ELBD:DEFL:AMP:DRV E-linac RadiaBeam solenoid Target Test stand call fit(1,1,1,0.000,1.000,1) call fit(1,3,3,0.000,1.000,1) Diameter of the entance window is 10/16*inch s FocalPower zEnvelope xDispersion dp/p yDispersion xMeasured yMeasured Energy