REFERENCES Design drawings: ISK4369D-revG sequences includes RFQ for future addition, however for now running tune from TRFC:SK4 which is the skimmer after the RFQ, giving offset of 793.171mm. The coordinates of this starting point on ISK4369D are x = -0.01242" y = 96.10919" sequence begins on TRFC:SK3B on ISK4369D, top blue line of skimmer after decelerator x = -0.01242" y = 64.81948" -meagan no way to model rfq cooler in transoptr yet, put in as a marker to show where it lies on beamline -meagan all simulations should start from here (skimmer at exit of RFQ) -meagan electrode before drift tube, name in progress :) -meagan start point for comparing to rick's asymetrical section transoptr file -meagan start point for comparing to rick's first lens after rfq transoptr file -meagan sequence ends at end of faraday cage enclosing rfq and einsel lens x = -0.01342" y = 121.48306" distance from TRFC:SK4 (total path length) is 645.452mm total distance from TIS anode: 4912.044mm -meagan REFERENCES Design drawings: ISK4369D-revG sequence begins at end of rfq/enizel lens enclosure, before isolation valve on ISK4369D at x = -0.01342" y = 121.48306" aperture diameter, length, position, and the end of the sequence position was taken from a markup sent to me fro Pascal as there are no official drawings of the beamline going toward the MRTOF -meagan copied and pasted epics information from another IV, unsure if the same for this IV or if these values are in epics. length slightly unclear in drawing, however confident to within a centimetre assume pretty much all epics tags have been copied and pasted over from the same element in a different sequence -meagan unsure of epics pv's for an mcp -meagan einzel lens has replaced steerer -meagan call fit(1,1,1,0.8,1,1) call fit(1,3,3,0.8,1,1) call fit(1,1,1,0.8,1,1) call fit(1,3,3,0.8,1,1) these aperatures are where the beam is going stright through the bender -meagan sequence ends at the beginning of the einzel lens section I am going to label for now "MRTOFBL" distances given to me from Pascal: from end of EL0 to aperature: 181.8mm from end of EL0 to first einzel lens in MRTOFBL: 519.4mm diameter of aperture: 5/16" ~= 8mm length of aperture: 15mm -meagan all distances and positions are estimates given by Pascal from the TITAN team as there is no official drawing for the section leading into MRTOF these elements are all mostly einzel lenses, but have been labelled markers for now as Olivier and I have yet to model anything in Opera naming conventions have been mostly made up by me, TITAN just calls them GND (ground einzel lens), S-In_Lens, S-In-Steer, S-In_DecTop, S-In-A descritions of what I've been told/sent have been put in the notes of the elements/apertures -meagan call fit(1,1,1,0.8,1,1) call fit(1,3,3,0.8,1,1)